Our concept was simple by using cutting edge green technology to develop and manufacture safer, user friendly''Fit for purpose'' E-ATVs 
''We take a great product and simply make it even better''

Welcome to our Shire Green range of
All Electric Powered

Shire I 4x2 E-ATV

A True workhorse with rear over axle 5000W electric motor give this quad great traction and grip from the off.

Capable of a range of  70Km using our lithium ion battery technology with a top speed of 50Km/hr

As with all our Quad Bikes this model offers great torque and traction giving peace of mind in challenging terrain and poor weather conditions.

I this picture you see this bike pained in Leaf Green and with the Anti-Crush Device, so in the event of a roll over the rider will not be crushed under the weight of the bike.

Leaf Green is a customers choice of colour and costed extra.

Price £8332.00 plus vat

Shire II Ultima  E-ATV 4x4 2000 Watts

A well engineered E-ATV with two 1000W electric motors and controllers ensures  great power and  grip with formidable traction.
The SLA 60V 50Ah battery gives a travel range of 60Km as a standard option,
With the option of the Heavy duty Lithium Ion  battery  ensures good travel range  of up to 80Kms
Simply twist the throttle and go... no petrol, no diesel,  no fumes, no noise and so smooth...

Price £6850.00 plus Vat

Options: Lifeguard Anti -Crush protection rear mounted  safety hoop , Rear lockable work boxes Winch, and much more.

Shire EcoRider 4x4 E-ATV

The Shire EcoRider is a mid range E-ATV wit a 8Kw electric motor and a lithium battery.
Capable of a travel range of 70Km and a top speed of £50Km.

Look out for our new monthly promotions on this model where we add some very special options at no extra charge 

Price £10450.00 plus Vat

Developed to withstand the toughest terrain ahead of you, a true work horse for Farmers and Landowners that need a reliable robust and fit for purpose off road vehicle.

Shire Tundra 4x4 E-ATV 14Kw Two Seater

With the standard Lithium Ion Battery the Shire III will achieve a travel range of 70/80Km on one charge.
21 inch all terrain tyres and 14Kw electric drive train ensures both grip and superb traction in all weathers.

Quite, Green, and animal friendly with independent suspension all round allows the user to glide over difficult land.
A top speed of 5Km is more than enough to cover the land in short time, giving both efficient clean working with little maintenance.
Powered by a 72V  LG Lithium ion Battery as standard...

Price £18,460.00 plus Vat

Optional Extras available
Winch 2300lbs
Power Steering
Road legal Pack
Front and rear work boxes

For Further Details contact us on 01525 376916
Allow 12 weeks for delivery

Shire Tundra

The All New Shire Mule E-ATV (The Naked Quad)

Initially developed for military use the all new Mule simple in design functional off road no frills or gimmicks, workhorse.
Capable of 70Km with the standard 60V Lithium Ion Samsung Battery (option long range batteries available)
This robustly engineered vehicle is capable of carrying 600Kg and haul 2 tons with little effort 
Made to order.

Shire Trekker Trike Mobility Scooter AWD
Road Legal ...with 3 speed settings
Path- Road and Off- Road... 3-8-15mph

The Trekker 3 wheeler is quite unique, with three speed settings 4mph for pavement 8mph for road use and 15mph for off road use.

The 1000W motor is capable of climbing 25 degrees with ease with great traction suitable on all surfaces including sand., grave, muddy areas and much more, due to its low centre of gravity and hi-grip all terrain tyres.

The comfy deluxe seat has armrest that raise and lower to suit your driving style.
Bright white LED lights with directional indicator's makes this mobility/off-roader  a true multi-use trike.
Rear mounted golf bag carrier

Price £6999.00 no Vat with Except certificate

Available in Black and Red powder coated finish, please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

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Propel and Shire are the brand name of Propel Energy Ltd a British owned company with a wealth of experience in research and development of off road  electric powered vehicles, using  only British manufactured quality inspired components.  

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