Shire Centaur E-UTV 4x4

The Shire range is synonymous with quality and great value all electric off road and road legal vehicles.

2023 brings the latest technology to  our two seater utility vehicles with 4x4 traction and grip to use when and where the terrain becomes a little challenging

The Centaur 4x4 has a 14Kw PMSM electric motor  makes this model a smooth comfortable ride with a travel range of up to 100Km and a top speed of 55Km/hr

As with all electric powered vehicles the grip and traction is balanced perfectly 

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Price £ 16680.00 plus Vat

Centaur 4 seater E-UTV 14Kw

With the same specification as the 2 seater version this four seater is a highly practical model suitable for golf course operators, Resorts, Sightseeing and so many more applications... or simple moving staff around your site.

Made to order
Price £24,600.00 plus Vat

For more details contact 01525 376916

Shire Centaur 5Kw
E-UTV  4x4

This multi-purpose off road two seater capable of a range of 80Km using Dry Cell  batteries or the optional Lithium Ion batteries 
With so many standard accessories like the 3200lb Winch, Wing mirrors, All terrain or Low Turf impact tyres, two piece perspex front screen, bull bars, tow ball ....

Optional  doors and covers.

Price £10900.00 plus Vat

Shire Brutus 6x4 E-UTV 10Kw 

A multi-purpose off roader workhorse the Brutus E-UTV with electric rear bed is a real Tipper.
This vehicle is capable of hauling extremally heavy loads over difficult terrain,  and has the ability to haul a 1000kg payload.

Powered by two well proven and reliable 5000 Watt PMSM motors  mounted over two differentials  and SLA batteries gives a travel range of 70Km and a top speed of 45Km/hr.
Is delivered with Front Winch, Wing Mirrors, Tow bar, Two deluxe seats

Price 19970.00 plus Vat
This model is also available without the Cabin.

For further details  contact us 01525 376916 


Tough, reliable and ''fit for purpose''

Electric and water does mix...

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Propel and Shire are the brand name of Propel Energy Ltd a British owned company with a wealth of experience in research and development of off road  electric powered vehicles, using  only British manufactured quality inspired components.  

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